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A Christmas gift

Title: A Christmas gift
Rating: General Audiences
Word count: 776
Summary: Vastra, having been woken from her slumber not too long ago, still hates all humans. A voyage with the Doctor on Christmas eve will help her deal with the new world she now lives in.
Fluff, Pre-Canon, Drabble


Mary Lambert - She Keeps Me Warm

Mary Lambert - She Keeps Me Warm

don’t leave me alone

don’t leave me alone

April 9th - Happy Birthday Neve McIntosh/Madame Vastra

April 9th - Happy Birthday Neve McIntosh/Madame Vastra

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These are my S. valentine’s present: two one-cotton-thread mini Vastra and Jenny I recived a little late. <3

Jenny Flint and Madame Vastra Art Noveau style

Anonymous asked: Do you accept prompts? If so: 1)Vastra finds a dead lizard 2)Jenny and the fear of lizards

Prompt1 Vastra vs dead lizard
Notes: pre-canon

«Jenny? Jenny?» Jenny immediately understands that something is wrong. Vastra’s voice is strangely agitated, it never happens, and when it does it means something terrible must have happened. She quickly leaves her current job in the kitchen to run towards the greenhouse.
«Look.» Says the reptile as soon as she appears at the door pointing towards a spot in between two big terracotta pots.
The girl hesitantly walks towards it while the Silurian stays put near her favorite chair, observing the girl’s movements as she bends finally able to see what put her mistress in such distress.
It’s just a common reptile that hasn’t moved an inch in spite of their presence and jenny immediately understands why Vastra got so agitated.

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A proper maid

Title:  A proper maid
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 3820
Summary: The room is warm and the all too many blankets give off a deep heat, but the thing that warms her up intimately is the body slumbering under the many blankets in the warm room.
AN: The more I read DWMagazine#437’s interview “we decided they shared a bed but didn’t have a proper relationship” the more this ff took shape in my head.


Jenny and Vastra - Utena style

Who is Jenny Flint?

Who is Jenny Flint?