someone: Do you know what it’s like when you’d want your otp to be canon?
me: no… because they ALREADY are (and married at that)

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I want Vastra! I want Jenny! I want both!

source: SFX Magazine

Well then! Here we go again.
Madame Vastra

Pretty Soldiers Sailor Who

I’m no good with manga style drawings but I wanted to pay homage to a classic with this, even though unperfect, contribution. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Anonymous said: Do you prefer Vastra or Jenny? And no, you can't say that you like them both the same amount or that you prefer them together.

Why not? I love them both equally! I love Vastra because she’s strong and unwavering, but also so very sweet with her wife. I love how she loses her mind when Jenny is in danger. Even after all her prejudice against humans she still was able to overcome them because of her love. I love how she’s always ready to flirt with Jenny. She has the ability to make me smile. (I might just want her as a wife myself)
But I also love Jenny because I see myself in her. she lives in a world where she’s a virtual nobody, a shame for her family but can still be proud of who and what she is. She fights this everyday, she is bale every day of her life to defy rules and regulations of her time for what a good woman is supposed to be like. I seriously cannot choose between them. I loved them together from the first time I saw them and I cant change my mind on this. I hope you’re not disappointed ;)

Respect Please!

It’s unfair to those who haven’t seen/read anything from “Deep Breath” to publically post quotes from it. Just because you and me didn’t have any patience and were unable to wait for august you shouldn’t spoil the surprise for others. It certainly doesn’t make you any cooler. Put it under a cut.

Anonymous said: I agree. I don't think she meant it in a cruel way. Plus, they were married in a time where wives were 'second class' and I'm sure that carried into their marriage in some form. Madame Vastra is the more dominant so I think she would naturally take the role as 'husband/male' because that is what the time period would have called for.

I personally don’t think it’s about gender roles. I doubt they’d want to fit in a society that ostracized them as it did. plus when I think of Jenny in pants and a tie the first thing that jumps to mind certainly isn’t the model victorian wifey, is it ;)
Vastra’s dominance might just be linked to her age and past as a warrior but I doubt she’s “the man”.

Anonymous said: What do think about the quote ' a good wife should do as she's told?' That vastra says in the comic book. It jars with me. Would vastra say that to jenny or am I misreading it?

I don’t think there is nothing misleading. Why do you think so? I believe that Vastra is trying to protect Jenny, she seems a very stubborn girl, and to convince her, Vastra says that so she’ll stand aside. Add the fact that Vastra isn’t the most diplomatic person on earth (see AGMGTW). After the cab exploded Vastra has a good reason not to want Jenny close. I think that it was an act of protection.
It irks me more the way in which they depict her in Devil in the Smoke: they barely say hi to each other in the whole thing and Jenny is even described as “her maid” I honestly think it is completely in character for Vastra to be kind of rude in her rough lizard way. Plus it’s kind of her strong-upper-lippy way to tell Jenny she wanted her to be safe.

Considerations about the wedding.

After I read “The Crystal Throne” I did the math.

  • In AGMGTW Strax says that he is nearly 12 years old when Vastra and Jenny take him to London in 1888.
  • In “the Crystal Throne” he says he is 13 
    therefore the comic is set in 1889
  • In the comic Vastra already call Jenny wife.

  • Therefore vastra and Jenny got married around 1889, a little after AGMGTW.

We don’t yet have the actual date but we are a little closer to it now.

Anonymous said: Does the interaction between the couple not trouble you in the DB script though?

Why should it? They’re clearly flirting with each other from start to finish. I know what you’re referring to and all the critiques behind it but I’ve been waiting months for this one episode with them that I won’t let naysayers who can find faults in episodes they haven’t seen yet ruin it for me.

My reaction when I first heard of the scripts:
I musn’t look for them I will not read them. I musn’t look for them I will not read them. I musn’t look for them I will not read them. I musn’t look for them I will not read them. I musn’t look for them I will not read them. I musn’t look for them I will not read them.

my reaction when I stumbled upon them a few days later:

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nitramgniknilra answered to your post "Vastra-Jenny ship’s name?": Vajenny

A bit too much like Vajayjay for my taste XD

lunathewarrior said: Name your bike Madame Jenny. Much more elegant

Omg you are a genius! I have to add it to the list! Thanks :)

Anonymous said: Yeah, I opt for jastra. Seems better somehow

halatirien answered: Well, not a fan of portmanteau names, but I’ve seen Jastra around and sounds good for a ship name -and- a bike.

It is in fact what I’ve always used to refer to them in the past it just seems rather unbalanced: one letter (J) vs five (astra). Thank you for your opinion though!

Vastra-Jenny ship’s name?

What do you suppose is the Vastra-Jenny ship’s name? I want to name my Honda CBR motorbike but I can’t decide between Jastra, Jestra, Vanny or even Jenstra. I need your opinion!